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    Welcome to the GCE Foundation!

    Grandmothers Circle the Earth Foundation is created to Promote, Support, Nurture and Administrate a grassroots initiative comprised of Indigenous Grandmothers of all Nations coming together to Create Circles, Gatherings, and Councils; bringing Sacred Ceremonies, Wisdom Teachings and a lifetime of Professional Expertise to Communities around the World.

    International Grandmothers meeting, working and traveling together are sitting with Women, Men and Children to address universal topics such as Community Development, Sustainability, Renewable Resources, Elder Care, Traditional Medicines, Unity Through Diversity, Developing Youth Leaders, Curbing Violence, Culture-based Conflict Resolution, and Honoring and Healing the Generational Wounds of Women, Children, Elders and Men ~ Unto the Seventh Generation and Beyond.

    Traveling in pairs, the Grandmothers weave a sacred blanket with threads of Light as they sing, pray and acknowledge the Indigenous Ancestors of the people they visit. They do not charge a fee for their work, even though most are retired professionals with many years of education and expertise in a variety of fields. Each Council Grandmother, responding to an inner feeling, a dream, a remembered childhood conversation or a connection to the Sacred steps forward and joins her Sisters in this work. Some are eager, others reluctant, but each one grows into the role of Wisdom Keeper as she remembers who she is and why she is here at this Time. Do you feel an inner prompting to join us! Simple Contact Us and the process will begin!!

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